I am only listing a single label per release. This is whatever label did vinyl, if there was vinyl; if there wasn’t, it lists the CD, and if there’s no CD, it’s whoever did the tape. For more information on any individual release please see my artist page on the metal-archives.

Serpent Rider – Pour Forth Surquidous (Metalstrom Records)
Draghkar – Beyond Despair, the Dawn of Rebirth (Nameless Grave Records)
Skullsmasher – Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery (Selfmadegod Records)
Draghkar – Eternal Abyss (discography compilation) (Horror Pain Gore Death)
Ghul – To Profane the Flesh With Crimson Teeth (Triumph of Death)

Skullsmasher – Promo 2018 (Nameless Grave Records)
Azath – Demo 2018 (Caligari Records)
Draghkar – The Endless Howling Abyss (Messe Noire Productions)
Ossuarium / Draghkar – Ossuarium / Draghkar (Blood Harvest Records)
Desekryptor / Draghkar – Desekryptor / Draghkar (Blood Harvest Records)
Skullsmasher – Cranial Emulsification (Night Rhythms Recordings)
Grave Spirit – Beast Unburdened By Flesh (Iron Bonehead Productions)

Draghkar – World Unraveled (Blood Harvest Records)


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